I’ve updated the theme on my website again. There is a lot of complexity today with mobile device support, and I’ve moved to a completely pre-packaged site layout.

The theme I’ve picked is called “Kirumo”, and it seems to fit the site pretty well. It was written by a cat named JohnRegan3, and for a free theme it functions quite well.

I am holding myself to a commitment not to customize the theme because there is really no end to the tweaking you can do, and I should be spending my time on the music, anyway. OK, so I may have added just a line or two of CSS in there, but all in all, I think I’ve shown some restraint.

I considered (and not for the first time), doing a one-page site that had only music and the gigs calendar on it, but I do enjoy the “journal” feature. Despite the low traffic, it helps sometimes to get some thoughts out “on paper” as it were, so I’m leaving it in.

I did add a few new photos, so please check it all out.