How do you know you have the best wife in the world? She’d buy you a banjo, even though she knows she’s the one who is going to have to hear it.

My wife has now done this twice.

My father’s day gift last year was a Dean Electric-Acoustic Six-String Banjo (also known as a Banjitar). Seven or eight years ago, she bought me my first (an Aria), and it’s just that sort of inability to learn from her mistakes that keeps us together.

Anyway, the Aria is the banjitar that I used for my most recent recording, but I had some challenges, as the narrow neck of the Aria is not well suited to my apparently very large (and sadly, somewhat clumsy) fingers. Luckily, the answer to the problem (like most answers) is one short trip to Guitar Center away.

The Dean banjitar caught my eye right away, as it is all black, with a transparent head and gunmetal hardware. If, in a million years, a banjo would ever make someone look cool, this would probably be it. I took it down off the wall and brought it to the counter, where the salesman asked me:

“Are you sure?”

That, of course, is just the sort of thing you expect when you’re a banjo player (or, like me, a fake banjo player).

Anyway, I’m in the process of re-recording The Fugitive, as I’ve got much better equipment available to me now (and, obviously, any flaws at all with the song are the fault of the equipment!). I’ll be using the Dean on the new recording, and I’ll be posting it here.

This Friday I’m headed out west to Lancaster’s Thorn Hill Vineyards, 7-10 PM (no cover). April 6th at McKenzie’s (Malvern, I think) with Shades of Silver.