OK, a new website. Yeah, I have more new websites than I have new songs. I am so distractible. I blame the Internet.

Anyway, I’m really trying to find more time to put into songwriting, so I switched to some prepackaged website software, instead of trying to work it all out myself. Now, as it turns out, the software I picked is blogging software (did I mention I was distractible?), so over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be posting some original music, as well as some anecdotes about performing here in the local bars and clubs.

Since there’s basically nothing on the site yet, I’ll start by mentioning the banner picture, which was taken about two years ago at the Grounds for Music event in Wagontown, Pennsylvania. How do you get to Grounds for Music? You head West out of Philadelphia until you get to 1974, and turn left. If you like wide, open spaces, Grounds for Music is your kind of event (another photo is posted on The Nerve’s website, but it doesn’t exactly capture the place.) The photo was taken in the “parking lot” of the event, which, suffice to say, always has enough capacity.

Come on out to Stephen’s on State on Thursday. I’ll be there with Scot and Dave.