I’m kicking off 2017 with a brand-new release of the song “The Fugitive”, which was recorded by “The Fugitives” (confused yet?) and which, in a George Lucas sort of way, is now what I consider the definitive recording.

So, what’s changed? Well, for one thing the musicianship received a pretty big upgrade. When I recorded the original in 2013, I played all of the instruments myself, but this time around I am aided by Eric Schreiber on bass, Pat O’Shea on drums, and Scot Silver on banjo. Besides just being able to play the instruments well, each of them brought something new to the song, and I think the final product is much better for it.

The other changes to the song reflect some of the things I thought it could use after hearing it over the past couple of years. The biggest thing may be the addition of vocal harmony during the bridge, as well as a new mix that (hopefully) brings up the energy level a bit as well.

I also subtly changed the name of the song, from “The Fugitive” to “The Fugitive (The Man Don’t Forgive)”. I think it’s a mistake in the age of Google to give a song a name that doesn’t actually appear in the song. (Would anybody be able to find “Funk #49” these days?) So, by adding a sub-title I am hopefully reminding listeners which song this one was.

The Fugitive (The Man Don’t Forgive) is the opening track of the album I’m putting together this year, which I’m calling “Greatest Hits Volume 47”. More on that later.