I have a lot of new thoughts and new music to put on this site, but circumstances require that I start with this classic, because this one song is responsible for most of the Internet traffic to my old site. So, to the extent that I can legitimately use the phrase “back by popular demand”. I give you the Moose In The House Blues.

About Moose In The House Blues

If you’ve ever had even one moose in your house, I’m sure you will agree, no musical style would capture the mood better than a good old-fashioned 12-bar blues.

This particular song is one that my then-five-year-old daughter and I had been improvising for a while. “There’s a Moose in the House“, you see, was her favorite game of all time. She asked me to “put it on the iPod”, so I headed to the basement to record it. Well, as soon as I heard it played back, I thought, “this needs a bass line”. That done, I thought “this needs a solo.” And then I thought, “this needs a moose”.

Anyway, what should have taken about twenty minutes stretched into a couple of nights. Eventually I had to cut myself off and just put it out there. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s the song I want to be remembered for, but if you’ve ever had a moose in your house, hopefully it will bring you some comfort.

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