Personally, I am still waiting for my chance to play downstairs at Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live, but I am happy to have had the chance to work with someone who has: one of the members of the pre-teen girl group “ELM”, who performed their original Flying High there in August. For privacy reasons (minors, Internet) I won’t name any of them, but I’ll refer to the particular band member I worked with as “The Artist”.


ELM the Pre-Teen Girl Band, The Artist at center.

It was a tremendous pleasure collaborating on the this recording of Flying High, and I was happy to fill the guitarist and percussionist roles (percussion on this recording being a combination of MIDI, Apple Loops and a couple of fills created using the DM-1 iPad app). The Artist contributed all vocals and the keyboard parts. We both played bass (but not like this).

Special credit to my father, who made the guitar heard on this song. More on this one-of-a-kind guitar in a future posting, but you can hear it on this song and it sounds fantastic.