In your relationship, who is “the lucky one”? If it’s you, and your soulmate hasn’t figured that out, this song is for you.

I wanted to write an upbeat song to balance out some of the more gloomy or wistful things that I’ve been doing. Gloomy and wistful doesn’t actually play well in the local bars… I once sang (Toby Kieth’s) “I love this bar” in a bar and was told by a (possibly inebriated) patron that I was “bumming her out”. So, time for something happy in the repertoire.


Thanks to that great scene in The Matrix, “Not too bright” is an oft-used expression in my house, and thankfully the object of that particular observation is generally the dog, rather than myself. Still, it seemed like a pretty good phrase for a country song.

Oracle: You’re cuter than I thought. I can see why she likes you.

Neo: Who?

Oracle: Not too bright, though.

Instrumentation includes drum kit, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. The “drum kit” was one of Logic’s internal kits, played with a Korg nanoPAD. The acoustic guitar was my trusty Martin D-15, and was the only instrument recorded acoustically. The bass and electric guitar were both my homemade Telecaster, played through a Roland GR-55 synth. (Welcome to 2014, when the Telecaster sound comes from a synthesizer hooked up to a MIDI pickup installed on a Telecaster) Incidentally, I used the waveform coming out of the synth rather than the MIDI information both to combat latency as well as the fact that the Roland patches are (IMHO) better than the Logic patches.

(Note: if you’re switching between this post and this one to try to tell the difference, they’re both the same. Channeling my inner George Lucas, I removed the old one and replaced it with the newer version.)

Shades of Silver will be playing an outdoor concert in Skippack next Wednesday (June 18th), weather permitting.