JWB at MelodiesI’m happy to report that the first new song of 2016: A Little Cash, is on Soundcloud (see below to hear the song).

A Little Cash was really fun to do. My goal was to do a song in the style of the Man in Black without actually copying him, and I found that to be quite a challenge. People may disagree, but I think that Johnny Cash somehow managed to avoid having all his songs sound the same even though he worked with rather limited instrumentation and not a whole lot of variation in chord progressions. I grew up with his songs, and always enjoyed singing them, in part maybe because I, too, have a limited vocal range, which certainly make it easier for me to connect with him rather than, say, someone like Roy Orbison. There probably won’t be any Roy tributes in my repertoire any time soon.

I started with the instrumentation, selecting a simple drum kit (just kick and a snare played with brushes) that plays the classic “boom-chick-a” all the way through, a bass, and an acoustic guitar, all standard equipment for Johnny Cash’s band, at least back in the late 50’s. There’s an electric guitar solo, which is a little unusual, but I though it helped the song, so I went with it.

Next gig is March 17th at Tavola in Springfield.